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McKinney's Gambit

This quote from U.S. Capitol Police Chief Terrance W. Gainer in today's Washington Times should go without saying:

"I want to make it really clear: If [officers] are not sure who's walking in that door, I expect them to challenge that person. And the person who is challenged has no right to strike an officer."

Unfortunately, thanks to the shameful racial antics of Cynthia McKinney, Chief Gainer felt the need to reiterate what would otherwise be taken as plain old common sense.

I can think of few things more cowardly or despicable than McKinney's decision to try and smear a Capitol Police officer as a racist than offer a simple, straightforward apology for what seems to have been an inappropriate outburst on McKinney's part that clearly crossed the line.

Steve Lubet has an interesting non-judgemental, World Series of Poker take on the subject in today's Chicago Tribune (read the piece and you'll see what I mean) and Michelle Malkin argues that Congressional Democrats' silence on the episode is almost as reprehensible as McKinney's actions.