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Maryland Governor: Ehrlich vs. O'Malley

Following up on my post from earlier this morning, Scott Rasmussen has a new poll out today on the Maryland governor's race. The poll gives Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley a 9-point lead over Governor Bob Ehrlich. Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan has only a two-point lead. This tends to confirm my point that Ehrlich would definitely prefer Duncan as the eventual Democrat nominee. However, I don't think Ehrlich is going to be that fortunate; O'Malley is likely to win the September 12th Democratic primary.

So at this stage in the contest we have two recent polls showing Ehrlich trailing O'Malley (a Gonzales poll from earlier in the week had O'Malley ahead by 5 pts). In a state where Democrats enjoy almost a 2-1 advantage in voter registration and where the Republican Governor has been publicly feuding with the Democratic Assembly for years, I don't take it as bad news for Ehrlich that he is trailing in some polls in April. If it is indeed an Ehrlich-O'Malley match-up, this race will be very, very close.