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Good Friday Notes

A couple of notes to start Good Friday:

- Being Peter: Gerry Baker weaves recent revelations about Judas into a wonderful Easter column that ends with a piece of advice: "We know we can't really be like Jesus. We know too we can't really be like Judas. But in our simple, human hopelessness, and in our mysterious capacity for greatness, we can all aspire to be Peter."

- Hardcore Believers: Nine Filipinos were nailed to crosses in an annual crucifixion ritual that takes place in a small town eighty miles north of Manila.

- Risen: Twenty-five years ago Derly Cirlos was shot in the chest. His heart stopped on the operating table and he laid in a coma for three days before regaining consciousness and making a full recovery. He's playing the role of Jesus in the San Fernando Cathedral's annual Via Crucis.