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Duke Lacrosse Case More Complex Than It Looks

Good, straight-up article from Sports Illustrated's Lestor Munson on what to look for in the Duke-Rape case.

Based on my experience analyzing material after rape charges were filed against Mike Tyson, Marv Albert, Mark Chmura, Kobe Bryant and others, the six factors to scrutinize are the injury to the victim, the brevity of the encounter, the brutality of the alleged sex, the stories of outcry witnesses, any previous predatory conduct of the accused, and the skill and dexterity of the prosecutor. All six are critical factors in the prosecutor's decision to file charges. And they become the outline for the evidence presented to the jury in the trial that will begin in Durham, N.C., in several months.

He goes through the six factors in detail here. (Hat tip Nealz Nuze)