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Coulter's Last Laugh

This bit from Lloyd Grove's column in the New York Daily News today is too good to pass up:

Will Hollywood Democrat Alec Baldwin ever crossbreed with right-wing provocateur Ann Coulter?

It can't be ruled out - but judging by their reactions to the possibility, it would sure be an angry coupling.

"Would you rather sleep with Ann Coulter or Dianne Feinstein?" Elle magazine asks the actor in a raunchy interview.

"I gotta go with Feinstein," Kim Basinger's ex answers. "With Coulter, we'd have sex and I'd have to jump out the window. I wouldn't even get dressed."

Yesterday, Coulter told Lowdown: "That's the only reason I can think of for wanting to have sex with Alec Baldwin."

Ouch. Coulter 1, Baldwin 0. Whatever you think of Coulter, she's quick on her feet and can be wickedly funny - especially when tweaking liberal elites in Hollywood and Manhattan. Like this line from her most recent column, for example:

To finally get some grand jury to hand up an indictment [against Tom DeLay], Earle had to empanel six grand juries in Austin, Texas, which is like the Upper West Side with more attractive people."

Read the whole thing.