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Bob Shrum - Political Guru Extraordinaire

This morning on The Today show, Bob Shrum offered some advice to help President Bush rebound from his slump in the polls. If Shrum was trying to be serious, he continues to demonstrate he still has no idea why his candidate lost the 2004 election. If he was being mischievous in the hope Bush might go crazy and listen to him, he laid out a perfect plan for Bush to destroy his presidency.

Shrum's first suggestion was for Bush to fire Rumsfeld and force Cheney to resign. John Podhoretz responds to the idea of firing Rumsfeld in his column today:

What's the dumbest thing George W. Bush could possibly do right at this moment - the action that would, more than any other, suggest his presidency was and is all but finished?

The answer: Fire Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Either a forced resignation or a dismissal would effectively bring the Bush presidency to an end.

Read the whole column, as Podhoretz explains why firing Rumsfeld would be a debacle for U.S. hopes in Iraq and an unmitigated disaster for the administration.

But back to Shum's "suggestions" to help Bush fix his poll problems. Shrum's last piece of advice was the brilliant idea that Bush should publicly announce that he wouldn't campaign for Republicans this fall. Shrum must be repressing the reality that with Bush leading the way Republicans have picked up seats in both the House and the Senate in each of the last two elections.

Obviously, Bush's slide in the polls is going to impact his effectiveness in races this fall and in particular contests there will be some candidates who will keep their distance. But the surest way the GOP could guarantee a depressed Republican turnout would be to turn away and abandon the President. That tactic would almost guarantee a Democratic Congress. Fortunately for Republicans Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman are providing the political leadership, not Bob Shrum and Howard Dean.