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Chicago Ain't No Foie Gras Kinda Town

Aldermen in that toddlin' town, Chicago, have banned the sale of foie gras, the goose- and duck-liver delicacy. Or as one anti-fatty-liver blog puts it, the "delicacy of despair."

Foie gras now joins smokin' in public places, handguns and nuclear weapons as verboten in Chicago.

What's next, a ban on not just the sale, but also the possession of foie gras? Carrying concealed foie gras? Second-hand foie gras?

Won't the ban simply push the sale of foie gras into the suburbs? Just like Chicago's decision to be a nuclear-free zone decade ago turned suburban Cicero into a nuclear zone?

At least Chicago's aldermen will be able to boast: "Ain't no foie on us."