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The "Culture of Rape" at Duke University

It will be interesting to see where the story of the Duke lacrosse team heads in the next several weeks. For those unaware, the top-ranked Duke team was suspended from play after an exotic dancer claimed that she was gang raped by three players at a private party. There is a clear racial element to the story, as the alleged victim is black and 46 out of the 47 members of the team are white.

All 46 white players on the team were asked to provide DNA to the local authorities investigating the case (the accuser says her attackers were white). The Smoking Gun has the document filed by Durham police outlining the alleged victim's account of what happened on the night of March 14th. The alleged crime is brutal and if true, these young men are in a world of hurt and deserve to be met with the full force of the law.

The team's three captains have issued a statement on behalf of the team stating "unequivocally that any allegation that a sexual assault or rape occurred is totally and transparently false."

I don't even pretend to know what happened at this party. It's easy for me to believe that there are some real bad apples on this team and the alleged victim was subjected to something like Jodie Foster in The Accused, or worse. It's also possible this young woman was demeaned and treated shabbily by a bunch of drunk college athletes and decided she would show them by making up a story about being gang raped. And then, of course, there are all of the gray areas in between.

I do, however, find this quote in USA Today from Duke student Alvaro Jarrin protesting the incident just a wee bit hysterical:

It is important that we not let this go down easily, There's a culture of rape at Duke, so we're hoping this will get them to speak up. This rape is a symptom of a larger problem at Duke.

Being a Maryland basketball fan I have no love for the Duke student body, but the idea that there is some kind of "culture of rape" at Duke University is just absurd. This type of attitude is a by-product of the Women's Studies, leftist mentality that is so prevalent among student activists and faculty on college campuses.

There are so many cross currents here (race, rape, privileged athletes, poor victim, college politics) it will be fascinating to see how this story unfolds as the facts spill out......which they will.

This has the potential to blow up into a huge story.