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The Bush Censure.....Good for Feingold, Good for Republicans

With Bush's poll numbers returning to post-Katrina/Harriet Miers lows, most Democrats seem to understand the political stupidity of Feingold's move to censure the President. Most of the major newspapers appear to have buried the story off their front pages (except for the Washington Times) as even the MSM understands this censure idea is a loser for Democrats.

Feingold, of course, has his own agenda and this works nicely to cement his place in the '08 Democratic field as the one guy who is willing to fight the "fascists" in the Bush administration. And as far as pissing off the Democratic hierarchy or the elite power-brokers in the party, he couldn't care less. If he hopes to seriously get in the mix in the 2008 field, he is going to have to be a pure insurgent candidate (the '08 Howard Dean) and this move only helps in that regard.

Republicans, on the other hand, should use the opportunity that Feingold has provided them and hammer Democrats mercilessly on this issue. If played right, this could be like the Jack Murtha episode where Democrats will have to turn off their non-stop Bush bashing and vote against Feingold or risk appearing to be on the Michael Moore fringe of the debate.