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SRLC Straw Poll Resuts: Frist on Top

Here are the just announced results of the straw poll from the Southern Republican Leadership Conference:

Senator Bill Frist 36.9%
Governor Mitt Romney 14.4%
Senator George Allen 10.3%
President Bush (write in) 10.3%
Senator John McCain 4.6%
Governor Mike Huckabee 3.8%

A total of 1427 ballots were cast.

Here are the second choice picks among the 526 people who voted for Senator Frist:

None 24.1%
Allen 18.4%
Romney 12.0%
Giuliani 10.8%
McCain 10.6%
Bush 7.0%
Huckabee 4.0%
Gingrich 3.4%

Other notable info: More than half (52%) of all votes came from Tennessee. Senator Frist got 81.7% of his votes from Tennesse delegates. Forty-two percent of voters from Tennessee did not choose Frist first on their ballot.