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Scanning RCP

Just a note to make sure you're aware of all the different sections of the new and improved RCP. For example:

The Christian Science Monitor has a story today on the shifting political atmosphere in the Mountain West. Many more stories, including polls from races around the country, updated daily on the RCP Politics & Elections page

Here's a title from the new RCP Reader Articles page that got my attention: "PA Grants Murderer of 4-Year-Old Girl Honorary Citizenship." Keep scrolling to see all the different articles submitted by RCP readers in the last 7 days. You must register to submit a link or cast a vote for a particular article.

David Kirkpatrick's article on the move to censure Bush is generating some buzz in the blogosphere. Go to RCP's new Opinion Buzztracker to see what else people are talking about.

A bunch of new polls have been released in the last 2-3 days, and we've posted them all on the new RCP Polls Page.

On the RCP Blogs page you'll find a list of the day's best posts from around the blogosphere, hand-picked by the RCP edit staff.

In the RCP Resource Center, you'll find a link to the 2006 National Security Strategy document released by the White House today, as well as tons of other transcripts of speeches and talk shows.

Finally, let me remind you that you can click here to subscribe to RSS feeds for any of these pages (or just about any topic you'd like) to stay abreast of all the great content being posted to RealClearPolitics. Feel free to email me with any questions.