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Scalia's Salute

I have to admit this is a bit silly. Yesterday I posted an item on the report by Laurel Sweet of the Boston Herald that Supreme Court Justice Scalia had made an "obscene" gesture to reporters (flicking his hand under his chin) outside the Cathedral of the Holy Cross on Sunday. Today, reader CM emails to say that Margery Eagan of the Boston Herald writes in her subscriber-only column today she can't find any Italians to back up the charge that the gesture Scalia used was "obscene."

Nevertheless, the Herald carries a follow up story by Ms. Sweet today gauging reaction to Scalia's "off-color 'Sicilian' salute" which borders on the comical:

"He's got a reputation as being a cantankerous guy," said Andrew Perlman, who teaches legal ethics and professional responsibility at Suffolk University Law School.

Still, said Perlman, the indiscretion by Scalia, who can be judge for life if he minds his Ps and Qs, doesn't rise "to the level of questioning his ability to do his job."

Thank God we got that straightened out. Surely the Boston Herald can find more burning questions for their reporters to probe, no?