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Santorum Exposed! (And Attacked)

A great piece of satire by conservative radio talk show host Michael Smerconish in yesterday's Philadelphia Daily News (reg req'd) on the "scandal" surrounding Rick Santorum:

I Know Rick Santorum. I've often been in his company.

He appears regularly on my radio show. We've ridden the train to Washington together. He once gave me a ride in his Jeep. And, at a campaign rally, he introduced my son to the president.

Yes, you could say that Rick Santorum has been a friend of mine.

But now I'm second-guessing the relationship. What choice do I have, really, in light of last week's expose of his finances right here in the Daily News?

Frankly, until I read the DN, I didn't appreciate what rises to the level of political scandal these days. But if that which was covered in the reportage here meets the mark - and it must, given the word choice (unorthodox, unconventional, improper), then I must be sitting on a powder keg of information.

The cover story, headlined "Tricky Rick" with the senator's smug mug on the cover, included some shocking claims concerning his personal finances. Like many who read it, I was appalled to learn that Sen. Santorum owns a home, subject to some nefarious lending scheme called "a mortgage," which obligates him to repay borrowed money to a bank at a competitive interest rate. What skullduggery!

That wicked revelation would alone justify support for his electoral challenger, but for the Inquirer's cutting-edge follow-up, which revealed that Bob Casey Jr. also employs the same method to finance his home. In fact, both Casey and Santorum have been known to actually make an extra payment every so often as part of a clever means of reducing their outstanding principle. The chutzpah of these men!

In related news, Santorum is now under attack from pro-choice Republicans. David Holman writes in The American Spectator today that Republican Majority for Choice (RMC) has launched a print campaign in major Pennsylvania dailies displaying a mock "help wanted" ad seeking "Real Republican Candidates for Senate." And just to add a bit of insult to the attempted injury, guess who sits on the board of RMC? Santorum's Keystone State colleague: Senator Arlen Specter.