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Republican Unrest in the Northeast

A reader emails in response to the yesterday's Boston Globe story suggesting Democrats are poised to make gains in the Northeast this November:

I'm one of those comfortably off, middle-aged, mild Republicans who inhabit some of the more expensive homes along the Connecticut shore. At least I was a Republican until the Iraq fiasco and the fiscal nightmare they have created turned me off. I tend to hang out at cocktail parties and yacht clubs where most folks are (or were) like me: mild Republicans. Let me tell you, this group is deeply unhappy with the way things are going. It's not an exaggeration to say they are embarrassed by the performance of this administration and Congress which seems to fly in the face of everything we've thought the GOP stood for. Many of them openly say the Democrats have got to be given back control of the Congress. This is anecdotal. Will all of them vote Democrat? Probably not, but based on what I am seeing the Republicans are in trouble in Connecticut and I suspect the rest of New England. Is a tidal wave building? Who knows, but the above is not an invention.