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Quote of the Day

"It’s come to the point where the Arthur Sulzberger Jr./Gail Collins tandem at The New York Times has so degraded the daily with its intense hatred of every step George W. Bush takes that op-ed columnist Thomas Friedman is worth taking seriously." - the always-entertaining Russ Smith, writing in the New York Press.

BONUS: More good stuff from Smith on Balitmore Mayor Martin O'Malley's over the top reaction to the Dubai Ports World Deal:

As reported in the Feb. 21 Sun, O’Malley commented on President Bush’s support of the ports transaction: “Not so long as I’m mayor and not so long as I have breath in my body. . . . We are not going to turn over the port of Baltimore to a foreign government. It’s not going to happen.” Bush’s action, according to O’Malley, was “outrageous,” “reckless,” and “irresponsible.”

Not to be a stickler about facts, but I think it’s “outrageous” that O’Malley either doesn’t know or want to acknowledge that Britain isn’t part of the United States or that P&O held the contract to run Baltimore’s port for the last seven years. On O’Malley’s campaign web site, there’s a call for voters to sign the petition he drafted that urges Bush to reverse course, because “Handing over the Port of Baltimore to a company owned by any foreign government puts American lives at risk.”

Right now it’s unclear whether (mostly) opportunistic politicians will be able to kill the deal, but even if that happens it’s inevitable that P&O will sell its rights to U.S. ports to another foreign company. Will O’Malley stop breathing then? Will he chain himself to a fence at a loading dock? It’d be quite a spectacle and immensely entertaining.