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Ports & More

A round up of stories from around the country:

Tom DeFrank & Ken Baiznet report in the NY Daily News that the White House is pressuring DPW to "significantly restructure" the port deal and partner with a U.S. company to administer control of the ports. Of course, one of the only companies around who could handle such a deal would be....Halliburton.

Ian Bishop and Deborah Orin report that Chuck Schumer has enlisted the help of Rick Santorum to stop the port deal. In his spare time, of course, Schumer is working to oust Santorum from the Senate.

Speaking of the Pennsylvania Senate race, James O'Toole reports that uber-pro-choicer Kate Michelman options for a bid.

As primary day approaches in Texas, Ronnie Earl continues firing off baseless subpoenas in the Tom DeLay case. DeLay faces three challengers on Tuesday. Also, Dems in Texas will be choosing a challenger (either Chris Bell and Bob Gammage) to run against Governor Rick Perry. The race to watch on Tuesday, however, is the grudge match between Ciro Rodriguez and Henry Cuellar.

The most corrupt Congressman in history, Randy "Duke" Cunningham, was sentenced to eight years, four month in prison yesterday. Cunningham's exploits as a fighter pilot in Vietnam saved him from getting the maximum ten year sentence. Finlay Lewis and Dana Wilkie report on reactions from Washington D.C.

Charles R. Babcock reports that Katherine Harris is caught up in the Duke mess:

Rep. Katherine Harris (R-Fla.) has acknowledged that she requested last year that $10 million in federal funds be set aside for a Navy intelligence program in her district at the request of Washington contractor Mitchell J. Wade, who pleaded guilty last week to bribing another House member.