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Polling Republicans

There's a new Diageo/Hotline poll out looking at the attitudes and preferences of 602 registered Republicans across the nation. The data on 2008 is interesting, though I would echo Jay Cost's recent warning that '08 horserace/preference questions at this point are almost totally useless and represent nothing more than reflexive name recognition on the part of respondents.

That being said, however, we probably can glean a bit of value from questions asking for favorable/unfavorable impressions. With that in mind, take a look at these numbers:

President Bush
Strongly favorable 54%
Somewhat favorable 30%
(Net favorable rating 84%)
Somewhat unfavorable 8%
Strongly unfavorable 6%
(Net unfavorable rating 14%)

Vice President Cheney
Strongly favorable 39%
Somewhat favorable 37%
(Net favorable rating 76%)
Somewhat unfavorable 7%
Strongly unfavorable 9%
(Net unfavorable rating 16%)

Senator John McCain
Strongly favorable 23%
Somewhat favorable 39%
(Net favorable rating 62%)
Somewhat unfavorable 12%
Strongly unfavorable 8%
(Net unfavorable rating 20%)

As you can see, McCain's unfavorable ratings (particularly the strongly unfavorable) aren't significantly different from Bush or Cheney, but his favorable ratings (particularly the strongly favorable) are well below the President and Vice President, suggesting, once again, that McCain's support with the base is positive but still remains on the tepid/shallow side.