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No Gloating On the Ports Deal - By Mark Davis

No gloating, please, from those of us who were dead right about this Dubai ports deal.

Relief is fine, but let's not strut. This has not been fun. Does anyone think it has been a picnic to see a bruise well up on the reputation of a wartime President whose radar has been totally reliable until this?

The good news is that the bruise can heal. The best way to help it heal is to examine the lessons learned from this experience:

1) When President Bush told us after 9/11 of the high caution we need to exercise as we battle terrorists, we listened. That is why we could not grow cavalier about turning port control over to a Muslim nation.

2) The UAE is a far more friendly Islamic country than some of its neighbors. But the suggestion that this made the ports deal safe was crazy. The ruling emirs and business tycoons were never a problem. The concern stemmed from the portion of the UAE population that might share the pervasive Islamic view that America is evil. No amount of security or oversight could have changed that factor.

3) Proponents of the deal would do well to revisit the insults they delivered to critics. The worst low blow was that opposition to the deal was based on bigotry. How sad to hear such a baseless attack coming out of the mouth of a wonderful man like General John Abizaid.

4) The public should deliver some accountability to every politician who sincerely or insincerely opposed the deal. Anyone delivering proper indignation on the subject of the ports is a hypocrite unless there is an accompanying passion to get serious about our borders.

- Mark Davis
Host of The Mark Davis Radio Show