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Is The Dubai Rebellion Over?

It doesn't quite rank with some of the other great rebellions in American history, and it didn't involve taking up arms or spilling any blood. This was a political rebellion: a few lopsided polls, a near-unanimous vote by the House Appropriations Committee yesterday and a closed door talking to with the President of the United States today, and the Dubai Ports World deal looks to be dead with the company's announcement this afternoon that it will divest itself of all U.S. interests and ""transfer fully the operations of U.S. ports to a U.S. entity."

Will this be the end of it? I suspect so. Bush saves face and doesn't have to make good on a veto threat. A Republican-led Congrees looks good to its constituents (and feels good about itself) for flexing its muscle and derailing the deal. DPW loses, at least for the moment (The statement was notably vague, so we'll have to wait and see if a restructured deal, of which they may have some connection, emerges at some point after the election).

As with the Harriet Miers nomination, in a few weeks the DPW deal will probably be reduced to a footnote. The question is whether Bush's standing will rebound fully or whether the Dubai Rebellion will take a further chip out of the President's credibility with the Republican base that he won't ever be able to recover.