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Harris Bets It All

Years ago (I don't remember if it was '92 or '96) Dennis Miller did a hillarious bit on Ross Perot's campaign for the White House, analogizing him to a delusional but enthusiastic starship captain who turns to his crew and says "Set the controls for the center of the Sun and crank 'er up to warp 10!"

Katherine Harris isn't as nutty as Perot was, but my take is that she's just made a very similar move by pledging to spend $10 million of her own money (what she called "everything that I have") to stay in the race for Senate.

Then again, it may turn out to be a brilliant move. Politics often rewards those who take the biggest risks. I remember thinking John Kerry was a fool for mortgaging his Beacon Hill home in late 2003 to pump another few million into his campaign which, at the time, seemed utterly and completely doomed. The difference, of course, is that Kerry had Teresa's vast fortune to fall back on - and he wasn't tainted by any direct links to a beltway corruption scandal.