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Bennish Must Go - By Mark Davis

Once the shock wore off from hearing Jay Bennish's Colorado classroom rant, I wrestled with whether he had committed an offense worthy of firing. For a while, I was willing to give this poor misguided dude a break-- a strong letter in the file pointing out that he was not "encouraging debate" but rather jamming absurdly radical views down kid's throats, and telling him to cut it out right now.

I'm over that now. This guy must be terminated.

I haven't changed my mind about his comments. They are moronic beyond belief. In some moments the guy makes Cindy Sheehan look like Peggy Noonan. But with just one chunk of tape as the evidence against him, I was willing to chalk it up to the stupidity of youth on one particularly zealous day.

Then he opened his mouth to reporters. Not one morsel of remorse. Not one shred of recognition that he had horribly ill-served his class that day. This tells me-- and should tell the school system that employs him-- that he is irretrievable. He is a complete idiot with no place in front of a classroom.

I can take a teacher who hates Bush. I cannot take a teacher who spews that hate and tries to sugar-coat it by calling it a spark for critical thinking. Add the raw duplicitousness of his self- aggrandizing comments since, and you have a case that should be closed immediately.

And while we're at it, how about a big happy detention hall for every student who walked out in protest? This school system needs to make clear that it has behavioral expectations for teachers and students alike.

- Mark Davis
Host of The Mark Davis Radio Show