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The Cheney Ridiculousness

I was traveling on Sunday and had my knee operated on today, so I have been a little behind on some of the political buzz. But watching the news reports this evening the media hysteria over the Cheney shooting mishap is just laughable. Our good friend Duane over at RadioBlogger has the audio of Monday’s press conference free-for-all and also David Gregory’s self-aggrandizing today.

Brian Williams, in a promo for the NBC’s Evening News on MSNBC, said something like “what happened and when did they know it”, as if this was some kind of national scandal. On Hardball, Chris Mathews was convinced there had to be something serious being hidden here, otherwise why would Cheney have waited so long to tell the press? Lawrence O’Donnell at the Huffington Post suggested Cheney may have been boozed up - a perfect urban legend/conspiracy that could never be disproved to the satisfaction of the Bush/Cheney haters on the left. Cheney friendly NRO chimes in worried that the administration may suffer some PR damage, advising the Vice President to “make a public appearance on the matter, and the sooner the better.”
Unless something comes out the contrary, I'm going to assume that this event is what everyone involved says it is……an accident. And I suspect that Dick Cheney's concern was not and is not the press or the PR spin, but rather the health of his friend. Furthermore, I suspect with his friend still in intensive care the suggestion that Cheney should do PR damage control is a non-starter, as it should be. The Republic will survive the Washington press corps' being notified 14 hours late.