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Stuck on Stupid: Ann Coulter & Al Gore

Apparently, Ann Coulter called Muslims "ragheads" at the Conservative Political Action Conference this past weekend.  How stupid, pathetic, and unnecessary.  Coulter can often be sharp and funny - especially when attacking certain liberal sensibilities - but these comments crossed the line.

Yesterday, in Saudi Arabia, Al Gore told a crowd at the Jeddah Economic Forum that after September 11, Arabs in America had been "indiscriminately rounded up, often on minor charges of overstaying a visa or not having a green card in proper order, and held in conditions that were just unforgivable."  This strikes me as a grotesque mischaracterization of what happened in America after September 11. 

Now ask yourself: between the asinine comments of Gore and Coulter, who's done more harm to the cause of the United States? Clearly Coulter's comments are more "offensive" in the traditional sense in that they are bigoted and inflammatory. But ultimately, she's just a rhetorical bomb-throwing pundit (though a best-selling one) who thought she was being funny.  Al Gore is the former Vice President of the United States and potentially a candidate for president in 2008 standing up at a major forum in the Middle East accusing his own country of "indiscriminately" rounding up Muslims and locking them up in "unforgivable" conditions. 

It doesn't take a genius to know that Gore's accusations of abuse will get much more play - and be taken much more seriously - throughout the Muslim world than Coulter's unfortunate slur.