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DPW & The Boycott of Israel

Our friend Nathan Wirtschafter alerts us to a report in the Jerusalem Post that Dubai Ports World (DPW) is a participating member in the Arab boycott of Israel. Wirtschafter sums up the dilemma presented by this revelation:

Participating in the boycott is against U.S. law and the U.S. Government issues fines, sometimes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, to companies which honor the boycott.

More to the point, a company who boycotts Israel has the moral stain of supporting an economic expression of Arab hatred against the West. Since Dubai Ports World has a corporate culture which supports the Arab boycott, the corporation is probably not entirely "with us" in the War on Terror and should not be protecting U.S. Ports.

Obviously, Dubai Ports World cannot have it both ways. It's either a progressive, trustworthy organization which operates in the 21st century or it's afflicted with 12th century prejudice.

If Dubai Ports World really wants the business, perhaps it should stop participating in the boycott now, and when the port contracts come up for renewal, it can be considered for the work.

Alternatively, if President George W. Bush is absolutely committed to allow the deal to go forward, maybe the U.S. should minimally condition the deal on Dubai and Dubai Ports World ending their boycott of Israeli products.