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Bush Approval Slammed By DPW Deal

Rasmussen Reports released a poll last Friday showing Democrats in Congress favored over President Bush on national security 43% - 41%. If that wasn’t enough of a signal that the Dubai Ports World deal was a political loser for the President, the latest polls from CBS News and Cook/RT Strategies end any doubt.

The Cook Political Report/RT Strategies Poll taken Thursday – Sunday shows Bush’s approval dropping 7 points from their poll a month ago, 47% to 40%. CBS News (Wed-Sun) brings similar news reporting an eight point drop from their poll in late January to an all time low of 34%. And then Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll shows a five point drop over the last week to 43%. The RealClearPolitics Average of President Bush’s job approval is at 40.4% , but don’t be surprised to see that slide back to its low in the high 30’s as new post-DPW polls come out in the next few days.

Bottom line, this ports fiasco has been a political fiasco for the White House. The Cheney shooting accident was a trumped-up political story that inflicted no real damage on Bush; the Dubai deal is a completely different story. This seemingly obscure business deal and its impact could be the single biggest political story of 2006, and unlike Abramoff or Katrina or Scooter Libby, Dubai Ports World could be the catalyst the Democrats have been seeking for a big 2006.