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The Sago Exploitation Continues

Last week I wrote about how the left's effort to try and blame President Bush for the Sago mine tragedy is unsupported by the facts. The truth, according to statistics on mining injuries and deaths compiled by the Mining Safety and Health administration, is that mining safety under the Bush administration has improved, not deteriorated. Bizzyblog covered the same set of facts last week, and today John Merline covers them again at TCS Daily.

Yet the left's effort to exploit the tragedy continues. Dick Durbin just took an unseemly swipe at Judge Alito in the Judiciary Committee hearings this morning by invoking the Sago tragedy before suggesting that Alito had ruled "against coal miners" in one of his 3rd Circuit cases.

The grand prize, however, goes to Joe Conason in today's New York Observer. If you want a textbook example of deceitful partisan hackery, read this column. Conason spends 447 words blaming the Bush administration for all sorts of transgressions with regard to mine safety, implying not only a responsibility for the deaths at Sago but also for a deterioration of mine safety in general, before brushing aside the facts with this:

The number of mine fatalities has remained relatively low during the past few years, but if enforcement continues to decline, then the disaster at Sago may be only the beginning of an ominous trend.

That's a rather dishonest way of characterizing the steady decline in mining injuries and fatalities under the Bush administration during the last five years to the lowest levels ever recorded in the industry, wouldn't you say? Then again, Conason isn't well known for letting facts get in the way of a good hatchet job.

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