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RCP's John McIntyre on the Hugh Hewitt Show

I was on Hugh Hewitt's show last evening. Here is a little excerpt:

Hewitt: Today at the Volokh Conspiracy, which is a very middle of the road website, they're making comparisons to Joe McCarthy, and the Army McCarthy hearings. Appropriate?

McIntyre: Well, I don't think it rises to that degree, but the point is well taken. And Mrs. Alito's sort of breakdown at the end of the day punctuates the point, and drives home, just to the average person out there, that the Democrats, they've crossed a line. I mean, it's either...step up and say I'm voting against this guy, because he's too conservative. But don't try to turn him into a racist and a bigot and a mean-spirited, evil person, when everybody knows...I mean, they say it on live television in the hearings, and then they go back to the interviews and the cameras, and say well, well, well, we know he's not a bigot.

Hewitt: Have the Democrats sort of set 2006 politics in stone today?

McIntyre: Well, I think the Democrats are falling into a similar trap that they fell in 2004. And their whole premise in 2004 was that the country had rejected President Bush. And they just had to put up anybody, and the country was going to vote Bush out. And I think now their thinking is that between Abramoff and Iraq, and what they perceive to be as these egregious violations in the NSA wiretaps, they don't have to do anything, offer any proposals, any concrete plan of their own. They can just sit back and people are going to go out and vote against Republicans. And I think you see the president now, here in the last couple of days, he isn't going to let that happen.

Hewitt: Yup.

McIntyre: I mean, they're going to be on the attack. They're going to be aggressive. President Bush knows that a lot of his legacy depends on these elections, and what he leaves, as opposed to President Clinton, who got elected in 1992, and eight years later, the Democratic Party was a lot worse, in all statehouses, and both the House and the Senate. It's the opposite with President Bush. He gained seats in '02, gained seats in '04. And I think the Democrats, they all talk to each other, and they think everybody is enraged by what's going on in the Bush administration, and they lose track of the fact that average people in the country actually like what the Bush administration is doing in trying to protect them.

RadioBlogger has the entire transcript.

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