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The Lieberman Chronicles

Joe Lieberman is giving Democrats fits. Today The New York Times and the Associated Press (The Washington Post, too) take a look at how the Dems are reacting to Lieberman's support of the war. It's not pretty. This passage from the AP article stood out in particular:

Democrats hope a surging anti-war tide in 2006 can help them shatter the GOP's 12-year lock on the House and win back the Senate for the first time since 2001.

"It's not a tidal wave now, but the ingredients are starting to fall into place," said veteran Democratic strategist Tad Devine.

Two problems here: first is the basic assumption that Democrats could ride a "surging anti-war tide" back into control of Congress in 2006. More important for Democrats, however, is the assumption behind the assumption: namely, that to actually get a surging antiwar tide between now and next November things would have to go terribly in Iraq - something Tad Devine says he and his party are hoping for. 

Say what you will about Joe Lieberman, but he isn't playing politics and unlike many other members of his party he understands that we should all be rooting for success in Iraq.