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PFAW Ready To Rumble

Here is the title of the People For the American Way press release on Alito: "PFAW will wage massive national effort to defeat nominee who would dramatically shift balance of Court."

There has been a lot of happy talk this morning about how Alito will be able to win Democratic votes because he was unanimously confirmed by the Senate in 1990, blah, blah, blah. I'm not buying it. The liberal special interest groups are going to wage massive war on Alito and they're going to demand absolute purity from the Democratic caucus when it comes time to vote.

Remember, once upon a time Scalia was unanimously confirmed by the Senate, too. Despite being universally acknowledged as one of the best and brightest (if not THE best and brightest) legal minds of the era, how many votes would Scalia win from Democrats if Bush nominated him today?