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Election 2005 - Virginia

New Rasmussen poll has Kaine moving slightly ahead of Kilgore (46-44) with Potts at 4.  Our RCP average of the last four polls in the race currently has Kaine up less than a point over Kilgore. Nearly every poll taken in the last three months has fallen within the margin of error, so it's safe to say that with 11 days left it remains anybody's race.

And if you haven't been following the Gilliard-Kaine controversy here's a rough outline of what went down:

  • On Wednesday morning at 8:41am Steve Gilliard put up a post calling MD Lt. Gov. Michael Steele "simple sambo" and portraying him as a minstrel.
  • About two hours later, Robert George decried Gilliard's outrageous antics in a post titled "Why I Am Not a Democrat (Part II)"
  • Two hours after that, at 12:31pm, Andrew Sullivan linked to Gilliard's post (and George's response) under the title "The Racist Left."
  • Thursday morning Gilliard received an email from the Internet Director of the Kaine campaign asking him to pull the ad. At 11:08am Gilliard published the email request along with a lenghty diatribe against George, Sullivan, and the Kaine campaign titled "Tim Kaine is a Coward."
  • An hour and a half later Robert George circled back in reponse to Gilliard with this post: "Gilliard's Kaine Mutiny"