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May 26, 2009 Archives

RealClearBlogs Morning Edition

Obama's First Supreme Court Choice - Karen Tumulty, Swampland
Sonia Sotomayor's Selective Empathy - Ed Whelan, The Corner
Pursue Sanctions that Work - Charles Lemos, MyDD
Obama Issues Statement of "Grave Concern" - Andrew Malcolm, Top of the Ticket
The Little Brat On The World's Block - Jerry Remmers, Moderate Voice
We're Out of Money - Glenn Reynolds, InstaPundit
CA Sup Court Set To Decide On Prop 8 - Alan Colmes, LiberalLand
What Did I Tell You About Bonds? - Robert Stacy McCain, The Other McCain
Who Will Ombud The Ombudsman? - Benno Cheeves, JustOneMinute
What Happened to Flying the Flag? - Ed Morrissey, Hot Air

RealClearBlogs Evening Edition

The Sotomayor Nomination - Jeffrey Rosen, The Plank
Attacking Sotomayor's Intellect - Steve Benen, Political Animal
Sotomayor's Troubling Property Rights Ruling - Ilya Somin, VC
Gang of 14 Breakdown on Sotomayor - David Waldman, Daily Kos
Sotomayor Ruled Against Pro-Choice Group - Justin Gardner, Donklephant
How Will the Sotomayor Nomination Play Out? - Paul Mirengoff, Powerline
Politics Can't Be Removed from Justice - Mikkel Fishman, TMV
Are California Voters Anti-Government? - Dave Johnson, Huffington Post