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March 02, 2009 Archives

RealClearBlogs Morning Edition

Obama Not Fighting Earmarks - Alan Carl, Donklephant Hits Road Bumps - Jeremy Jacobs, Briefing Room
Losing Perspective on Burris - Steve Benen, Washington Monthly
What's the Deal with AIG? - Free Exchange, Economist
Another $30B Into AIG Black Hole - Henry Blodget, Clusterstock
Skepticism of Dems' Leftward Lurch? - John Hinderaker, Power Line
Economic 'Iron Curtain' Dividing Europe? - James Joyner, New Atlanticist
Obama Double-Deals on Durban - Anne Bayefsky, IsraPundit
Roger Cohen's Credulity - Jeffrey Goldberg, Atlantic
A Dow Milestone - Jennifer Rubin, Commentary

RealClearBlogs Evening Edition

Obama's Mortgage Plan Another Federal Burden - R. Posner, B-P Blog
Cramdown Shows How Congress (Still) Really Works - D. Sirota, Open Left
The Early Word on Nancy-Ann Min DeParle - Jonathan Cohn, The Plank
So What if Bill Gates Can Afford It? - Jennifer Rubin, Contentions
Why Congressmen Fear the CBO - Ezra Klein, American Prospect
Geithner is Only One Man - Daniel Drezner, Foreign Policy
Recent Productivity Growth is a Myth - Matt Yglesias, Think Progress
How to Solve a Problem Like Citigroup - Jim Prevor, The Blog