InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion Survey Florida Presidential Primary

Conducted Jan 26 (Saturday evening)

Republican registered voters who already have or are likely to vote in the January 29th Republican Primary. Sample Size 657, weighted for age, race, gender, political affiliation, geographical distribution. Margin of error +/- 3%

Note: This survey includes voters who have early voted and intend to vote on or before the January 29th Points from InsiderAdvantage CEO, Florida Times-Union/Creators Syndicate columnist Matt Towery:

- Romney has been trending upward and the fact that the race became a virtual tie again last night shows the volatility of the contest within a very small margin.
- The Crist endorsement is likely not reflected in these numbers. However, with so little undecided it is of some question as to what degree the late endorsement will impact the race.
- One vote on the ballot endorsed by Crist, Amendment One concerning property taxes is three points shy of the necessary 60% to gain passage under Florida law.
- All should be mindful that, should this race remain so close, Florida law requires an automatic recount if the top two candidates are at .5% of the vote or less.
- The survey indicates that nearly one third of likely voters have already voted in the GOP primary.