The Early Line: Diageo/Hotline Tracking Poll

Obama/Biden 48%
McCain/Palin 42%
Undec 6%

- After losing 2% of support over the last two days, Obama now leads by 6%. McCain meanwhile has held steady at 42% for five consecutive releases.

- Obama's overall losses are driven largely by Indies -- his support among them has fallen 7% over the last two days, from 48% to 41%. Over the same period, McCain's Indie support went from 36% to 35%.

- Among the 19% of respondents who have already voted, Obama leads 55-36%.

Today's Diageo/Hotline tracking poll, conducted 10/27-29 by FD, surveyed 869 LVs and has a margin of error of +/- 3.3%. Party ID Breakdown for the sample is 41%D, 37%R, 17%I. Look for full results in today's Latest Edition.