The Early Line: Diageo/Hotline Tracking Poll

Obama/Biden 47%
McCain/Palin 42%
Undec 8%

- Obama's 5% lead in today's Diageo/Hotline release is his smallest advantage in the tracker since the poll conducted 10/5-7.

- After leading white LVs by just 2% as recently as 8/10, McCain has now held a 9% margin for three consecutive days.

- The enthusiasm gap between the candidates is now 16%. 68% of Obama supporters say they are enthusiastically supporting the Dem nominee, while 52% of McCain supporters say the same. One week ago, in the survey completed 10/12, the gap was 21% -- with 65% enthusiastically for Obama and just 44% enthusiastically for McCain.

Today's Diageo/Hotline tracking poll, conducted 10/17-19 by FD, surveyed 789 LVs and has a margin of error of +/- 3.5%. Party ID Breakdown for the sample is 40%D, 37%R, 18%I.