The Early Line: Diageo/Hotline Tracking Poll

Obama/Biden 48%
McCain/Palin 42%
Undec 7%

- Obama maintained his 48-42% lead from yesterday's release. The WH contest also remains largely status quo among men, while women (including white women) appear to be breaking more towards Obama.

- Among all men, Obama leads by 1% -- exactly his margin one week ago, in the survey completed 10/6. Among women, however, Obama's lead has grown from 3% to 12% over the same period.

- The same trends are evident among whites. McCain today leads white men by 11% -- exactly his margin one week ago. Among white women, however, the GOP nominee's advantage has fallen from 12% to 6%.

Today's Diageo/Hotline tracking poll, conducted 10/11-13 by FD, surveyed 829 LVs and has a margin of error of +/- 3.4%. Party ID Breakdown for the sample is 41%D, 37%R, 18%I.