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Good morning. It’s Thursday, April 22, 2021 -- the 51st Earth Day. As was true for last year’s golden anniversary of the inaugural event, the world is grappling with a deadly pandemic and its economic impact. The U.S. senator who dreamed up this annual booster shot for environmental awareness understood the tension between principled action and fiscal considerations. But Gaylord Nelson made clear where his priorities stood. In his 2002 book, “Beyond Earth Day,” he wrote: “The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment, not the other way around.”

With that, I'll refer you to RCP's front page, which this morning includes Rana Foroohar (Financial Times) on Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan; Jacob Sullum (Reason) on Texas and COVID-19; and Bobby Burack (Outkick) on LeBron James’ now-deleted tweet about the Columbus police shooting. Along with our usual array of poll averages, videos, and breaking news stories, we also offer original material from our own reporters, columnists, and contributors, including:

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Son-in-Law Benefited From Loan Program Biden Ripped. Phil Wegmann examines the awarding of nearly $660,000 to Howard Krein’s investment firm through the Paycheck Protect Program, which candidate Biden criticized for “helping the wealthy” instead of “mom and pop” businesses.

To Win Majorities in ’22, GOP Doesn’t Have to Make History. Ken Spain urges Republicans to develop a unifying theme and let the midterms serve as a referendum on Democratic control of Congress and the White House.

First Test of the Biden Team in Syria. Saed Moujtahed outlines the building crisis as the Assad regime threatens to close off an entry point for international aid to desperate Syrian civilians.

Guiding the Pentagon Through Perilous Times. At RealClearDefense, Daniel Goure warns that China or Russia could try to test the new administration’s competence and resolve by engaging in overt military actions. 

Shaky Foundations for L.A.’s Housing “Entitlement.” Christopher F. Rufo reports for RealClearInvestigations that the city’s $1.2 billion “Housing First” program is proving advocates wrong about a supposedly easy solution to homelessness. 

Climate Activists Aim to Circumvent U.S. Congress. At RealClearEnergy, Kevin Mooney highlights funding sources for Biden-backed net-zero-emissions initiatives.  

Anthony Fauci and Panicky Politicians. RealClearMarkets editor John Tamny (and author of the new book “When Politicians Panicked”) argues that the point man for the nation’s coronavirus response would have acted differently if his pronouncements were subject to marketplace pressures. 

Journalists and the Abandonment of Skepticism. At RealClearScience, Joseph Annotti complains that reporters are publishing misleading half-truths about food safety without questioning the motivations of their source. 

Greek Life: Reasons for Hope and Concern at Florida State. At RealClearEducation, John Hirschauer spotlights the university’s standing in a new survey of campus free expression and the rights of student groups to organize

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