Socialist Takeover in Nevada Is a Bellwether for America
AP Photo/Evan Vucci
Socialist Takeover in Nevada Is a Bellwether for America
AP Photo/Evan Vucci
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On Saturday, March 6, the Nevada Democrat Party officially elected a self-described socialist, Judith Whitmer -- and her entire socialist slate -- to lead their party. This isn’t just a local story.  Democrats view Nevada as a national bellwether, especially since the party rearranged its presidential-selection process to put the Silver State near the front of the line in 2024.  

That gambit was orchestrated by former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who retired in 2017 after more than three decades in Washington. His fellow Democrats may rue the day they went along with it. In the four years since leaving office, Reid has maintained control over the state party apparatus and operations, which many have called “the Reid Machine.” Through his hand-picked loyalists, Reid oversaw the party’s operations and funding and ensured that public, intra-party squabbles and expensive, contested primaries would be quashed. 

That discipline and structure collapsed last weekend. Just as President Biden, with the help of a compliant press corps, ran and won as a purported moderate, we have seen similar posturing by Nevada Democrats.  

When Reid retired from the Senate, Catherine Cortez Masto stepped forward to fill his shoes, also running as a moderate and winning by a slim 2.6 percentage point margin. Likewise, Steve Sisolak ran for Nevada governor and won in 2018 as  -- you guessed it -- a moderate, pro-business Democrat. Such nods to the middle make sense in a state that saw narrow margins in both its 2016 and 2020 presidential contests. 

As it turned out, Nevada Democrats – like national Democrats -- effectively shielded their radicalism behind anti-Trump rhetoric, allowing the party to unite in opposition to Trump, thus de-emphasizing their internal divisions. No longer. In just a few short weeks, without Trump in the White House or his Twitter account to attack, Democrats have revealed their true colors. 

In Nevada, Democrats have provided first ever collective bargaining rights to state employees, passed extreme and costly green energy mandates, completely overhauled our 2020 election process (now working to make California-style universal mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting permanent), and they continue their push to allow biological males to compete in female sports.  

Their agenda threatens to destroy jobs, schools, and border security, while obliterating any chances for fiscal sanity or American energy independence. No Democrat daring to self-identify as a moderate is welcome in this iteration of the party, nor allowed to vote against its radical agenda. No matter how careless, dangerous, or inefficient a particular policy might be, Democrats will all be pushing the same approval button in unison with the far-left Biden administration. 

In his first 50 days, Biden has killed thousands of jobs and careers by canceling the Keystone pipeline. He rejoined the Paris climate accords, unconcerned that it disadvantages the United States with regard to China and India. He has blithely accepted the perverse logic – and insult to the federal government – of so-called “sanctuary cities.” Democrats have ended effective border-security efforts, while placing an unconstitutional halt on deporting dangerous illegal immigrants.

There is no hiding from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the socialist base of the party. They are brazenly taking control of public policy in America and of Democratic Party apparatuses in early swing states like Nevada. Americans and Nevadans are witnessing this watershed moment where the long, methodical project of radically transforming America is occurring in double time. The frog is not being slow-boiled; it is being flame-roasted.

All of the powerful institutions in American life are converging with the political elite to force America to be “progressive.” Of course, progressivism is really just a rebrand of what the ideological roots were always about -- socialism and an all-encompassing federal administrative state.

The Democratic Party and the political elite want one thing: to rule and control every nook and cranny of American life. One critique of the early Marxist socialist party apparatus was that it operated like an authoritarian schoolteacher, “bringing up the masses” within narrow confines of thought.

In Nevada, with the democratic-socialists in charge, they are one step closer today. 

Adam P. Laxalt is the former attorney general of Nevada.

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