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Good morning, it’s Monday, Feb. 22, 2021. In political news over the weekend, the national press corps decided that Ted Cruz’s abortive Cancun getaway was the most important story in the Western Hemisphere. Personally, I was more focused on the technology-challenged school board in Oakley, Calif.

In case you missed the latest episode of “Elected Officials and TV Pundits Behind the Curtain,” four months after Jeffrey Toobin immolated his career with inappropriate Zoom activity, all four trustees of the Oakley Union Elementary School District did the same thing.

Across the United States, first-graders and second-graders have learned in the last year that when a conference call is public, they have to be on their best behavior. Not these Bay Area bozos. As viewers in the Contra Costa County town watched with increasing irritation, the members of the school board disparaged parents who wanted the schools open. One board member said it was because the parents wanted to smoke weed at home. The board president claimed parents just wanted their “babysitters” back. A third member lashed out at a parent who called her out on social media for attending a local party while insisting it wasn’t safe to reopen the schools.

“I wasn’t doing anything bad,” she told her fellow board members, adding, “Bitch, if you call me out, I’m going to f--- you up.”

Actually, this woman f----- herself. Facing an instant recall effort after an outraged parent recorded the session and downloaded it to YouTube, she and the other three members resigned Friday night. The school superintendent issued an apology. I feel for the parents in that city, but also for these hapless school board members. Ted Cruz, too. As the United States passes half-a-million fatalities from COVID-19, well, we all need a break.

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