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“People will do what they do,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shrugs.

It’s not just tearing down statues of Columbus. Or of Washington, Lincoln, or Douglass.

Mobs light churches on fire. They attack federal police officers with bricks, urine, feces, and pigs’ feet. They blind law enforcement officers with lasers. They burn down pawn shops with a man still inside, only discovered months after the news cameras left town. Yes, people – radical, America-hating domestic terrorists, to be precise – do evil things. When Democrats let them.

This is what is happening in countless Democrat-controlled cities. In Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and New York crime is skyrocketing, police are defunded and ordered to disengage. Law-abiding citizens suffer, while Joe Biden and Democrats give cover to so-called “peaceful protesters” who are sharpening PVC pipes to use against cops protecting public property.

After over 50 days of rioting in Portland, federal law enforcement had to do the job Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler refuses to do. Their reward for being pelted with firecrackers and feces? They are maligned by Democrats. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn smears brave officers as Nazis. Pelosi spreads disinformation about “unidentified stormtroopers” when uniforms with big bold “police” letters had to be stripped of officer names because dozens were “doxxed,” their homes and families targeted. This is “peaceful,” according to Joe Biden, who says it is police who “become the enemy,” and “yes, absolutely” funding should be redirected. Also known as defunding.

Democrats are defunding the police to replace it with the thought police. In Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis, the far-left city council hires private security, while it dismantles the police and leaves citizens to suffer with double the homicides. In New York City, business owners are threatened, while criminals go free. Shootings are up 130%, murders up 30%, burglaries up 118%, but arrests are down by 40,000 from last year. While New York descends into lawlessness, the district attorney continues political witch hunts against the president. 

And what of the hard-working taxpayer, the small-business owner, or the single mom trying to provide for her kids? Their businesses aren’t protected. Their schools are closed, in defiance of the best science and all reason.

Meanwhile, the risk for kids trapped in Democrat-run cities is dire. Seven children were killed in two weeks in Chicago, including Sincere Gaston, a 20-month-old shot while riding with her mother in the car. The same was true for 8-year-old Secoriea Turner in Atlanta, in an area Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms abandoned. Davell Gardner Jr., just 1 year old, was shot and killed in his stroller at a cookout in Brooklyn.

In Seattle, Mayor Jenny Durkan is “building a just and equitable future” – for the far left and no one else. Government workers are sent to reeducation camp to renounce their “whiteness.” Job creators who achieve the American Dream are punished with a tax, while the city uses their tax dollars to hire library administrators required to be “knowledgeable in the area of race and social justice,”  at six-figure salaries.

Durkan gave a “safe space” for radical leftists to take over a police precinct and a major portion of the city, resulting in two teenagers being shot and killed. The “comrades” at CHAZ/CHOP endorsed Joe Biden.

And why wouldn’t they? These dystopias are just a preview of Joe Biden’s America. His unity task force with socialist Bernie Sanders revealed the Democrats’ vision: no borders, no deportations, and no school choice. Biden and Sanders “reimagine public safety” with no cash bail, nationalizing the disastrous policy in New York that puts assaulters, arsonists, and child pornographers back on the street. It promises Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, a “clean energy revolution” that would destroy the American way of life by 2035.

The dangerous ideology of the radical left isn’t confined to Venezuela or the Soviet Union. The political application of justice, the heightened inequality, indoctrination, lawlessness, and loss of opportunity is playing out in our cities, the culmination of decades of one-party Democratic rule. 

President Trump will stand up against the left-wing mob and restore peace and prosperity. He will continue to offer a helping hand to Democratic governors and mayors, whose concerns lie with politics, not their people. He will keep America free and defend the brave. 

And come Nov. 3, the people will do what America does: let the voice of freedom be heard loud and clear.

Liz Harrington is the national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee.

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