Success of the Trump Economy Is Bad News for Democrats

Success of the Trump Economy Is Bad News for Democrats
AP Photo/Sara Burnett
Success of the Trump Economy Is Bad News for Democrats
AP Photo/Sara Burnett
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Presidential elections are won on the shoulders of a strong economy, which is why the voters are certain to reject the Democrat Party’s ongoing effort to promote radical economic change.  

Out of all the Democrats running for president in 2020, none are acknowledging the significance of President Trump’s accomplishments on the daily lives of American families. Their push for dramatic changes to key pocketbook issues, including health care, taxes, and regulations, ignore a simple yet crucial political reality: American taxpayers are winning again. 

The U.S. unemployment rate, for instance, is currently hovering near a 50-year low, after dropping by an entire percentage point since the president’s inauguration. More importantly, the ongoing economic resurgence is making the American Dream more accessible than ever before.  

The U.S. economy has already added more than 6 million new jobs in just 2 ½ years, and employee compensation and savings are skyrocketing  -- clear indications that working Americans are experiencing the benefits of this booming economy.  

Unfortunately for the Democrats, the American people are well aware of the tremendous economic progress this country has made under President Trump’s leadership, and they expect the good times to keep on rolling. 

A recent poll from the Pew Research Center found that a whopping 71% of Americans “expect their personal finances to improve” over the course of the next year, while only 15% expect their finances to get worse. The lopsided result reveals a remarkable degree of confidence that this president’s pro-growth policies and “America First” trade agenda are responsible for our ongoing economic success, and that’s devastating news for the Democrats. 

In order to have any chance at all against Donald Trump in the next presidential election, the Democrats will have to convince millions of voters that the ongoing economic renaissance isn’t real, which is only possible by brazenly lying to voters.  

The Democrats know it’s a tall order to deceive people about their own bank accounts, though, so they’re also trying to create the false impression that there are huge numbers of people in desperate need of one of their signature, multitrillion-dollar wealth redistribution schemes – including a complete government takeover of health care, hyper regulation of America’s energy sector, and dramatic middle-class tax increases. 

So far, and despite their best efforts, the Democrats aren’t fooling anyone but themselves. The Pew poll found that a solid majority of Americans – 55% -- rate the current state of the nation’s economy as “good” or “excellent.” That’s 17% higher than it was under President Obama at a similar time in his presidency. 

The most devastating numbers to the prospects of Democratic presidential candidates, however, come from Americans crediting President Trump with the strong economy: 21% more of the respondents believe that his policies have made the economy better rather than worse. Again, at a similar time in his presidency, President Obama’s numbers were underwater with only 27% believing Obama’s policies were making the economy better, while 34% saw his policies making it worse. 

Remember, President Trump’s 2016 movement was built upon the forgotten Americans who were tired of being treated like second-class citizens in their own country. They were tired of political correctness, tired of their professions being looked down upon, and tired of watching their dreams be outsourced to faraway countries. 

“America First” wasn’t just a campaign slogan, it was a real policy agenda that is already being realized. The result has been that those forgotten Americans are seeing their wages grow, their dreams and the dreams of their children are now within reach, and, thanks to the president, they feel like they are finally being represented. 

But it’s not just middle-class white America that is benefiting — which is the narrative coming out of race-baiting Democrats and their allies in the media. As a Hispanic single mother and a first-generation American, I see a Trump economy that’s lifting up all Americans. 

From the steel and coal workers in the Rust Belt to young people, single mothers, and minorities in urban cities, "America First" means every American first. And this election is about each and every one of those people who are experiencing this great American awakening first hand. It’s about me and it’s about you. It’s about my son, and your children.   

Americans can clearly see that the Trump economy is working for them and that the American Dream is back. So, why would voters ever elect a Democrat who is pledging to steal it away?   

Kimberly Guilfoyle (@KimGuilfoyle) is a senior adviser to Donald J. Trump for President Inc.

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