Liberals Proved Pence Right About Anti-Christian Discrimination

Liberals Proved Pence Right About Anti-Christian Discrimination
AP Photo/Steve Helber
Liberals Proved Pence Right About Anti-Christian Discrimination
AP Photo/Steve Helber
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Liberals started proving Vice President Mike Pence correct almost as soon as they heard his warning to Liberty University graduates that they should be prepared to be “shunned or ridiculed” for their Christian faith. Pence was the commencement speaker at Liberty’s 46th commencement on Saturday, and he offered timely advice to the graduating class because people of faith are increasingly attacked for their beliefs in the secular media. 

“Some of the loudest voices for tolerance today have little tolerance for traditional Christian beliefs,” Pence noted. “So as you go about your daily life, just be ready, because you are going to be asked not just to tolerate things that violate your faith, you’re going to be asked to censor them, to bow down to the idols of popular culture.” 

The vice president wasn’t talking in stereotypes. He knows from personal experience the sort of hostility that Christians face from the political left today, having endured numerous attacks targeting his own faith. 

Earlier this year, for instance, liberals howled with outrage after Pence’s wife, Karen, accepted a teaching position at a private school that requires students, parents, and employees to pledge that they accept the school’s traditional Christian beliefs. 

Liberals had never much cared about the school previously, but since Karen is the vice president’s wife, they branded her decision to return to the school, where she had previously taught for 12 years, as “deplorable.” 

More recently, South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, presumably seeking to set himself apart from a crowded field of Democratic presidential candidates, has implied that Pence has a “quarrel” with God merely because Pence adheres to the Biblical understanding of marriage as a union between a man and a woman. 

Pence has never attacked the openly gay Buttigieg over his sexual orientation or same-sex marriage — or any of the candidate’s other personal qualities, for that matter. In fact, when Buttigieg came out publicly in 2015, Pence even expressed words of praise for his fellow Hoosier politician. Yet, Buttigieg still tried to make him into a straw man for evangelicals in a transparently political maneuver now that he’s running for president as a Democrat. 

This type of anti-Christian vitriol has also become commonplace on our nation’s college campuses. Christian groups are often banned or harassed, and courses and workshops are held to combat things like “Christian privilege” and teach students how to “queer the Bible.” Then, of course, there’s The New York Times’ despicable attempt to#exposeChristianschools, which stated the objective of this online movement is to share “how traumatizing those bastions of bigotry are” by attacking Christian schools in America. 

Naturally, when Pence told Liberty University’s graduating class that they should be prepared to face that sort of intolerance from the left for holding traditional Christian beliefs, the forces of “tolerance” set their sights on the vice president once again. 

Splinter News, for instance, reported that Pence had “whine[d] about how oppressed Christians are,” completely ignoring the left’s attacks on Pence’s Christian faith while claiming that he was actually advocating “bigotry dressed up as Christianity.” 

The Independent, meanwhile, doubled down on the very sort of anti-Christian animus that Pence was referring to during his commencement speech, declaring that the VP reaffirmed the “anti-abortion stance” of the Trump administration as a way for the publication to paint pro-life views as a form of intolerance. 

Esquire even ran a story titled “Mike Pence Brought the Full Snowflake Persecution Complex to This Commencement Speech,” mocking "cherub-faced Liberty U. grads.” 

The anger Pence’s speech has inspired among progressives only goes to show that he hit the proverbial nail right on the head. Unaccustomed to being called out for practicing bigotry in the guise of tolerance, the only response liberals could muster was to denigrate the vice president yet again. 

Almost as soon as Mike Pence warned Liberty’s graduates that Christians are being increasingly shunned and ridiculed by the left, the left proceeded to prove his point for him. 

What was supposed to be a final day of reflection and inspiration for Liberty grads has predictably been turned into another vitriolic attack by the liberal media. 

Nonetheless, students of faith should not be discouraged, but rather, they must hold fast to Vice President Pence’s warnings and be always prepared to rise above baseless and hypocritical attacks from the left.

Jerry Falwell Jr. is the president of Liberty University.

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