Democrats: Disarm for the Sake of the American People

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Robert Mueller’s investigation was a travesty from the very beginning, but there could be a silver lining if Democrats are willing to accept his findings and get back to work for the American people. 

Every American president has to deal with an opposition party, competing special interests, foreign enemies, and Americans who just don’t like them. My father is the only one who has also had to deal with a conspiracy by the news media and subversive actors in our law enforcement and intelligence agencies to spread false information about him in a failed attempt to overturn his election. 

The Russiagate conspiracy theory has hung over everything President Trump has done since taking office. Seemingly every action, every speech, every press conference, and every request to Congress — no matter how common-sense or bipartisan — has been met with a chorus of delusional claims that it was somehow part of a Russian plot to destroy America. 

Luckily, this clown show never managed to derail the Trump agenda. My father is presiding over the strongest American economy in decades. He’s cut regulations and taxes to unshackle the American entrepreneur and slash unemployment to historic lows, especially for minorities. He’s rebuilding a solid, constitutionalist judiciary as a bulwark against the activist liberal judges who are already working to thwart the America First agenda at every turn. And perhaps most amazingly, he was even able to achieve passage of a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill, something that former President Obama attempted and failed at during his presidency. 

Just imagine how much more he could have accomplished by now if he hadn’t had to contend with outrageous, unfounded accusations of collusion on a daily basis ever since Inauguration Day 2017, and if he had willing partners across the table to negotiate deals with. 

But while these ravings and smears have been an annoyance for my father as he’s worked to implement his domestic agenda, they’ve also threatened the credibility of our country abroad. 

Did the journalists, pundits, politicians, and high-ranking law enforcement officials who falsely accused President Trump of being a Russian puppet ever consider the effect their political grandstanding might have on America’s credibility as their president engaged in tense, vital negotiations with other world powers, including Vladimir Putin’s Russia and the rogue, nuclear-armed regime in North Korea? Perhaps they were so deviant that they did indeed consider it. 

At my father’s direction, America has embarked on its most ambitious international affairs agenda since the end of the Cold War. 

President Trump has taken bold action to strengthen our alliance with Israel, first by bucking decades of apathy and complacency to move the American Embassy to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, and just recently by recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the strategically vital Golan Heights.

He had the courage to engage with one of the world’s most stubborn and totalitarian dictators, bringing us closer than ever to achieving peace on the Korean peninsula.

He has demanded that allies, such as Germany, finally keep their word and pay their fair share of defense spending to NATO.

And, of course, he has successfully destroyed ISIS and begun the process of bringing our troops home from Syria and Afghanistan, while simultaneously re-orienting America's foreign policy to focus on our own national interests, just as the Founders intended, instead of acting as the world's global police force.

But sadly, throughout it all, Democratic politicians and professional journalists were accusing my father of treason and implying that all of these moves were being dictated from Moscow. It was disgraceful. And now, thanks to the conclusions reached in the Mueller report, we know it was all based on lies and deceit.

At long last, the record is clear, along with my father’s name — not to mention my own. There was no Russian collusion.

While Mueller’s conclusions were obviously deeply disappointing to Democrats, the debunking of the collusion hoax could have an upside for them if they treat it as an opportunity to move past the stubborn obstructionism that has characterized their approach to governing for the past two years.

There’s still much work to be done, and my father is always willing to let bygones be bygones and work on new deals to benefit the American people.

On the domestic front, for instance, we have an opportunity to implement bipartisan solutions on infrastructure, prescription drug pricing, and a whole host of other issues — but only if Democrats adopt a more reasonable attitude toward governing. If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that political compromise is impossible when one side is accusing the other of treason and lying about the president being a Russian agent.

It’s decision time for Democrats. They can either accept the fact that my father is the legitimately elected president of the United States and start working with him in good faith, or they can cling to their discredited conspiracy theory, conduct futile and meaningless congressional investigations, and then try to explain to the American people why they actively undermined the country’s interests for no reason other than their blind hatred of Donald Trump.

So, here’s a simple question for the Democrats: Are you ready to disarm and join us to work in the best interests of the American people? If not, we can always settle this at the ballot box once again. It’s your call.

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