Top 10 Reasons Starbucks' Howard Schultz Should Be Vice President

Top 10 Reasons Starbucks' Howard Schultz Should Be Vice President
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In the spirit of the Letterman Top 10 lists, Howard Schultz is the perfect Democratic Party Vice Presidential Candidate because he is--

10. A progressive: advocate for gay marriage, free college tuition, racial justice, and gun control.

9. An outsider: outspoken critic of Washington politics that he described as “Broken promises — void of truth and leadership;” with appeal to the masses who don’t want another politician on the ticket.

8. An American success story: raised in a housing project in Brooklyn, to a football scholarship at Northern Michigan University, to CEO of one of the world’s most reputable companies, and now worth $3 billion.

7. A person of integrity: on almost all Top 10 Business Leaders lists, loving husband and father, person of faith, admired, even beloved by his employees.

6. Connects with people: New Yorkers by birth, Midwesterners by education, West Coast by career and the entire country through his work ethic and philanthropy.

5. Created a premier international brand: with broad appeal and brand loyalty that cuts across politics, religion, financial status, gender, sexual orientation, race, and age.

4. Complements Hillary’s deficiencies: outsider, corporate experience (Bill knew, “It’s the economy stupid.”), sports, entrepreneur, innovator, and a genuine passion for people.

3. Ideally suited to function as Vice President: charged with two critical tasks – to revitalize and rebrand the America economy in a post Brexit era and to fix the gridlock in Congress, the two tasks that become the focus of his VP campaign.

2. Prepared to be the President: his business acumen trumps Trump and his collaborative leadership style is far better suited to run the country than a senator or other elected official.

1. A dreamer with poetry in his soul: a passionate and caring voice for hope and optimism in a time of frustration and pessimism, an innovator eager to address the problems of race, poverty, and wellness, an optimist who sees the potential in people and in America who will inspire a vision of the America we long for, the one Alexis de Tocqueville so aptly described, “America is great because Americans are good.” We will not be great again because we are angry or bigoted or mean spirited. We will be great because we are good.

Howard Schultz is a good person who will appeal to Democrats, Independents, business men and women, critics of Washington, people who believe in the American Dream, sports fans, folks who live on both coasts and the Midwest, the brand conscious and the social justice conscious, entrepreneurs, innovators, and dreamers, plus coffee drinkers of all ages, genders, races and circumstances. In short, he’ll appeal to everyone except the 27% hard core Republicans and will provide the economic leadership and genuine goodness our nation desperately needs.

Peter T. Mitchell served 24 years as president of three liberal arts colleges and is currently President and CEO of Proactive Transition Management, a consulting firm assisting colleges and universities with strategic planning, enrollment management, fundraising and executive searches. Email: Website

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