Why Brexit Signals a Trump Victory

Why Brexit Signals a Trump Victory
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What does Brexit mean for America?

The professional politicians, pundits, and pollsters and the so-called “experts” in the media have spent the past few days trying to answer this question. And they have come to a consensus answer: not much.

Once again, the consensus and the conventional wisdom are wrong.

The people now saying Brexit has little relevance to U.S. politics are the same people who thought that the United Kingdom would never possibly leave the European Union in the first place. The fact of the matter is that what just happened in the Brexit is the same thing that’s happening here in America.  

Consider what happened last week on the other side of the Atlantic. The U.K. outcome shocked people around the globe. Voters from all walks of life, and spanning the ideological spectrum, stood up and declared that they have had enough of unlimited immigration and an elitist bureaucracy out of touch with its own citizenry.

They wanted to restore their country – they wanted to make Britain great again.

If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s little different than the groundswell of support that swept Donald Trump to the Republican nomination – and will sweep him to the White House this November.

It turns out our country is headed towards its very own Brexit. Just like the voters in the United Kingdom, Americans are fed up with a status quo that ignores their problems and constantly leaves them falling farther behind. A staggering two out of every three Americans believe America is on the wrong track. Now they’re making their voices heard.

Don’t believe me? The facts speak almost as loudly as the millions of Americans who want to make America great again.

One of the things that stunned the so-called experts is the huge turnout that led to Brexit. The same thing happened on this side of the Atlantic during the Republican primary season. An enormous number of people voted for the outsider candidate. The previous record was 10.8 million votes for George W. Bush in 2000 – Trump blew past that record with over 13 million primary votes. In the nine presidential elections I have worked in, I have never seen such voter energy and enthusiasm.

This amazing turnout reflects the simple fact that Donald Trump has broad appeal. Independents in particular are responding to him.  Our recent polling in two battleground states shows independents flocking to Trump over Hillary Clinton. In Ohio, independents go for Trump by 19 percentage points. In North Carolina, they prefer him over Clinton by 24 points.

These numbers show just how upset the American people are with the status quo. They don’t want a third term of President Obama’s abysmal economic growth and feckless foreign policy. They want someone who will upend the status quo rather than worsen America’s decline.

Wonder why independents strongly support Trump over Clinton?  He’s authentic, he’s not a political insider, and he has a positive vision for America. And that’s exactly what voters want.

Trump’s positive vision for America is especially important. People in this country are sick of “political correctness” and “politics as usual” – they want a leader who recognizes the problems America faces and calls them by their name. Trump does exactly that. Everything he does is centered on “Make America Great Again,” and he has inspired tens of millions of people.

The bottom line is that he is the only one who can deliver change in Washington D.C., because he’s the only one who hasn’t spent the majority of his life sucking up to political elites or being a politician himself. He is a successful businessman with a proven track record of creating jobs and improving people’s lives.

His experience is exactly what’s missing in Washington – and it’s exactly what the American people want.

Our latest data proves this, too.  Our political action committee has identified millions of Trump supporters across the country in recent months.  And our engagement with these voters shows a clear, overwhelming trend.  When shown a negative attack on Clinton and an optimistic vision of our country conveyed by Trump, the response is as much as 50 percent higher for the latter. They know he has what it takes to make put America back on the right track.

You don’t need data, polls, or any analysis by the so-called experts to see this. You only need to talk to the American people. They’re demanding a change. They’ve had enough with the broken status quo and they want a brighter future. Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate who can give them what they want, which is exactly why millions of people are energized by his positive vision to make America great again.

This is just happened in the Brexit vote. So no one should be surprised when the same thing happens here in November.

Ed Rollins is co-chairman of Great America PAC.

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