MTV Poll: Most Sanders Millennials Would Back Clinton

MTV Poll: Most Sanders Millennials Would Back Clinton
AP Photo/Noah Berger
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A majority of millennials who support Bernie Sanders would vote for Hillary Clinton if the Vermont senator were to drop out of the race, according to an MTV poll released Monday.

The poll, which surveyed 500 millennials ages 18 to 34 in mid-May, found that 57 percent of Sanders’ supporters would go to Clinton while only 3 percent would vote for presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. Additionally, 22 percent said they would write in another name and 18 percent would not vote at all.

Clinton currently has 2,357 delegates, just short of the 2,383 needed to clinch the Democratic nomination. She is expected to reach the necessary number after Tuesday's primaries. Consolidating the party for the general election is a major task ahead for the former secretary of state -- and that includes bringing the millennials who make up a large part of Sanders' base into the fold.

Sanders, however, has vowed to take his campaign to the Democratic National Convention next month despite calls from fellow party members to drop out of the race. In a June 1 interview with the Associated Press, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said that Sanders must recognize that "sometimes you just have to give up."

The MTV poll also showed the profound effect that millennials believe Sanders' campaign has had, with 96 percent of respondents believing that the senator’s message will affect the general election campaign even if he is not the Democratic nominee.

Sanders, according to the poll, also increased overall interest in the election among millennials, with 90 percent of those surveyed responding that the 74-year-old lawmaker made them care about the election, and 76 percent saying he made them care about politics. Additionally, compared to the 2012 election, a larger percentage of 18- to 29-year-olds reported the 2016 election as being "really important to my generation."

Monday's poll is one in a series focusing on millennials and conducted by MTV.

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