Trump Secures GOP Nomination

Trump Secures GOP Nomination
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Donald Trump has reached the number of delegates necessary for securing the Republican presidential nomination.

The threshold is 1,237 and Trump now has 1,238, according to updated figures. It was a small number of unbound delegates who told the Associated Press they will support Trump that put the New York businessman over the top.

Just a few months ago there were questions about whether any of the Republican candidates could hit the magic number before the party gathers in Cleveland in July. But after Trump won the Indiana primary in early May, Sen. Ted Cruz, his closest competitor, dropped out of the race.

There are 303 delegates at stake in the June 7 primaries, which include California, New Jersey and a few other states. Trump is likely to see his delegate count cushioned by those results.

Trump, who had never run for public office, is expected to face likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in November. She is less than a hundred delegates away from securing her party’s nod. In the RealClearPolitics polling average, Clinton leads Trump by one percentage point in a general election matchup.

Emily Goodin is the managing editor of RealClearPolitics.

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