Lines and Whines: Debaters Go for Punch

Lines and Whines: Debaters Go for Punch
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Republican debaters Wednesday night labored to grab the spotlight, land a punch and make millions of potential voters see them as presidential timber.

In a sound-bite world in which thought bubbles and witty tweets often substitute for deep thinking, the GOP candidates deployed practiced phrases and strategic improvisations to spice up policy volleys. On a red-carpeted stage at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, four men during a first debate, and then 10 men and one woman during a subsequent prime-time event, jostled in response to questions posed by CNN’s Jake Tapper.

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“When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat,” the famously quotable Reagan told an audience of fellow conservatives in 1984. 

Among all the scripted, tangled and improvised jabs, which ones in Simi Valley were memorable? Here is a selection:

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