Fox's Andrew Napolitano for President?

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As Jeb Bush announced his bid for the Republican presidential nomination Monday, a conservative political action committee released an open letter urging Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano to run as a third-party candidate if Bush and Hillary Clinton are their parties’ nominees.

“The Democrat and Republican brands have become ‘two wings of the same bird of prey,’ as you yourself have pointed out, which is why the American People deserve an alternative choice in the coming presidential election,” reads the letter from Constitutional Rights Political Action Committee Chairman Larry Ward.

The letter concludes, “Above all, we need a President who recognizes that the Constitution exists to protect Liberty, not arbitrary government and well-connected special interests. If our freedom is to be kept safe from government, we need you as our next President.”

In addition to working as Fox News’ senior judicial analyst, Napolitano has been a judge, professor, book author and constitutional scholar, widely known as a strict constructionist.

The PAC plans to closely follow the presidential race as it develops, and Ward told RealClearPolitics that he hopes the letter and its 300,000 signatories demonstrate enough support to encourage Napolitano to run on a third-party ticket if Bush and Clinton are their parties’ picks.

Ward believes that Napolitano would enjoy many advantages in a presidential campaign, including name recognition from his years on Fox and an extensive knowledge of the Constitution. “We believe that Judge Napolitano will absolutely crush any candidate in the debate,” he added.

Napolitano was appointed to the New Jersey Superior Court in 1987 and remained in that position until 1995, making him the youngest Superior Court judge ever tenured for life in that state. After leaving the bench, he spent time in private practice, wrote several books, and taught at Seton Hall University School of Law. He is currently a distinguished visiting professor at Brooklyn Law School and appears regularly on Fox programs.

Constitutional Rights PAC raised $36,935 in the 2014 election cycle from donors including Congressman Ron Paul and the Committee to Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano, According to

A number of PACs have formed to draft candidates for the 2016 presidential election, including  “Draft Ted Cruz for President” and “Ready for Warren Presidential Draft Campaign.” 

The leadership of Constitutional Rights PAC is optimistic that Napolitano will choose to run if Bush and Clinton are the nominees. “I know he doesn’t believe in political dynasties,” said Ward.

It could not immediately be determined if Napolitano has expressed interest in running for president.

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