Poll: Sanders Gains on Clinton in New Hampshire

Poll: Sanders Gains on Clinton in New Hampshire
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A new poll shows that Bernie Sanders is closing in on Hillary Clinton in the first primary state of New Hampshire.

The Morning Consult survey released Sunday shows the Vermont senator with 32 percent support among likely Democratic voters, compared with 44 percent for Clinton. This result should offer encouragement to the independent senator from Vermont (who is running as a Democrat) – but only in his neighboring state. Consult polls conducted in other early voting states show Sanders lagging much farther behind: He trails Clinton by 42 percentage points in Iowa and by 46 points in South Carolina. In the Palmetto State, in fact, Vice President Joe Biden is the second-place finisher, 41 points behind the frontrunner. (In Iowa, “Don’t Know” comes in second with 20 percent of responses; Sanders is third with 12 percent.)

In New Hampshire, however, Sanders’ 32 percent support has him well ahead of Biden (8 percent), former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (2 percent) and former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb (1 percent), according to the Consult. Notably, however, Biden is not in third place, as that distinction goes to “Don’t Know” at 11 percent.

Only Clinton, Sanders and O’Malley have declared their candidacy, along with former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee, who failed to register in the Iowa and New Hampshire polls, and drew 1 percent in South Carolina.

Sanders has been gaining on Clinton elsewhere. Last week, he placed a relatively close second in the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s presidential straw poll, winning 41 percent of the 551 delegates’ votes to Clinton’s 49 percent.

In the RealClearPolitics average for New Hampshire, Sanders trails Clinton by 28.5 percentage points.

Nationally, the RCP average has Clinton in front with a whopping 59 percent of support to Sanders’ 11.5 percent, Biden’s 11.3 percent, O’Malley’s 2.3 percent, Webb’s 1.5 percent and Chafee at 0.8 percent.

The Morning Consult survey, conducted May 31-June 8 online and by phone, has a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points in Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire individually and six percentage points when all three polls are lumped together. The Iowa poll surveyed 905 registered voters, 313 of whom said that they intended to vote in the Democratic caucuses; in New Hampshire, the group polled 816 registered voters, 279 of whom planned to vote in that state’s Democratic primary; and in South Carolina, 906 register voters were polled, including 309 who planned to vote in the Democratic primary.

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